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By sonnypage
September 24, 2001

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I have been reading for days now that economists are worried about "consumer confidence", that a recession is "inevitable". My wife and I have thought it over and have decided to decline the invitation to the recession. We won't be attending.

We went to a high school football game Friday night; North Atlanta. Our Centennial High against Roswell High, big cross-town rivalry. These are the two Roswell, Georgia high schools. The stadium was packed; American flags were everywhere, Americans together, proud to be Americans. Before the game, one of the students read Thomas Paine's These are the times that try men's souls speech from the revolutionary war. We put money into the economy by being there. Cheerleaders were taking up collections before the game for one of the New York charities; we contributed generously.

I worked Saturday, my wife and I are realtors. It seemed as though almost every intersection I drove through all weekend was manned by either Alpharetta or Roswell firefighters. I put money in every boot I was offered. I met my wife and kids late afternoon at a sports bar; Ohio State was less than awesome (my wife is a Buckeye). We put money into the economy.

Sunday morning, church, a special offering for New York, we contributed. I met Chuck and Lynn for lunch, put some more money into the local economy. Gave the waitress a nice tip. Chuck was best man at our wedding sixteen years ago. Hadn't seen them in two years, they had moved out of town. Grown men can hug, and we did. Grown men can cry too, we didn't. I did cry twelve days ago, but that's over now, other emotions are there now. Chuck and I talked, did a lot of catching up. He was a Vietnam era navy fighter pilot. I am a Vietnam vet, former army infantry officer; I was a platoon leader. My old outfit, 2/14th Infantry, now part of the 10th Mountain Division, was one of the army divisions put on "deployment alert" last week.

My wife and I worked yesterday. Part of our business is a small subdivision we listed in north Alpharetta. Last Friday we lost a transaction we thought we had. Some buyers backed away; their "financial adviser" had told them that because of the crisis "buying a house now was far too risky". They had decided to do nothing. We made up for that today, and how. We put a different listing under contract, and picked up a strong prospect for still another listing!

So, sorry. We won't be attending the recession. My family and I are prepared to single handedly try to pull the American economy up, but we are willing to accept any help offered. Anyone care to join us?


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