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By sly2
October 17, 2001

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To all the employees who are still working hard to make this company profitable again, remember there are stockholders out here who are still 'hanging in there'...keep the faith cause we are still counting [on] you. You are the ones who will make or break us...not the chatter boxes on this board. Thank you for your dedication.

As I posted about a month ago there are many Lu employees who are working 80+ hours a week to restore service lost to the WTC disaster. By the way, senior managers and above are not paid a penny extra for their efforts.

I have never been more proud to be a Lucent employee than I have over the past six weeks. The spirit that has pervaded all Lu employees during this time has been inspiring. Whether the employee is an Installer, Engineer, Customer Service Rep, or Program Manager, I have never heard anyone complain about the long hours we are working.

I am especially impressed by our Installation force. Many Installers were at 140 West Street on September 12, surveying the damage at this critical hub office, and helping Verizon to assess the damage. These NY Installers are in my view the unsung heroes at Lu, and in many cases are reducing their Installation intervals from weeks to days in unbelievably challenging circumstances.

Kudos to all Lu employees, and especially to those who are working incredible hours to restore service that was lost to the WTC disaster.



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