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By BuffaloMG
October 26, 2001

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I am finally credit card debt free! After a 4-year plan - actually it was a 2.5-year plan of DOING something about it preceded by 1.5 years of wondering what to do about my debt - I received my last credit card statement with zero balance on it. Now to polish off that student loan!

I did well. I survived a job loss only because I made saving up an emergency fund a priority 2 years ago, THEN I started to seriously pay down credit card debt. I fended off temptation - "Why can't you afford to go on vacation this year?" and I drive the one of the 5 oldest cars on the block.

I celebrated. I have treated myself to more than a few restaurants over the past 2 weeks, now it is time to get back to work and get rid of all remaining debt. I had to charge something for my son's soccer club. When I handed on the credit card receipt to get reimbursed, the treasurer said: "Wow, this is the only thing you have on the account!" I said: "I won't have it any other way (anymore)" :)

-Buffalo MG


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