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By thedumbox
October 30, 2001

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No offense, but the reactions to negative articles are getting a little carried away, aren't they? Every point in those articles is either perfectly valid (e.g., the potential for commoditization), or a reasonable difference of opinion (sales of mobile phones are "slowing" and new technologies won't take off quickly), or some speculation based on unfortunate experiences with technology companies (yes, Virginia, some of them do massage their earnings).

Now you don't agree with that. Fine. But to start ranting about how the poor company shouldn't have to take this abuse, or the stupidity of analysts, or the venality of reporters, is ridiculous. What is this, the Rambus board?

Jeez, do you guys know how many negative articles are written about Philip Morris? Microsoft? Boeing? Intel? Caterpillar? Do I start ranting every time somebody says that big MO (an investment that's done a whole lot better for me than NOK has done for many of you) is heading for a fall because cigarette consumption is down? Do I go nuts when somebody says the Airbus has a better plane than Boeing? Heck, they might be right. If they're wrong, I ignore them.

An investment is NOT an extension of your personality. It's not a way to be cool. It's not your entry into a select club of sophisticated, with-it people. It's not a chance to contribute to being part of the future. The stock doesn't love you. It doesn't know you exist. Criticism of NOK isn't criticism of you or your children. It doesn't imply that you're stupid. It's not about you at all.

So relax.

And thank Kodiak nicely for giving you the opportunity to think by bringing up some contrary points of view.


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