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By otterrivervalley
November 28, 2001

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It starts all over again, CNBC highlights the IFX/RMBS ruling this afternoon (they never seem to miss an opportunity to bad mouth RMBS, but not many mentions of the "good things", wonder who feeds them their "tips") and the ruling has brought out the "lawyer" in some us.

I am not going to get into a discussion on who did what, who said what at the trial, whether or not Payne was influenced by local political pressure, etc.

But I am going to say this as simply as possible, don't let emotions run your investment actions. I for one bought into RMBS because I like what COULD happen, not what is happening. After all, isn't that what we invest for, what the future brings.

That said, speeds are going to continue to rise for the various technologies involved. At present, RDRAM still shows the best potential to be the one to fulfill the needs of the future. RMBS has also introduced some pretty exciting technology in terms of Yellowstone, Ra Ser, but again, its currently in the "what if" stage.

Bottom line, if you look at all of your other companies, what do they have to offer in terms of potential growth? What other companies have a nice lead in the area of future technology, and appear to have it locked up by patents? (if you have some, let me know, I am always interested in stocks with "what if" potential).

That said, while I don't have everything invested in RMBS, I do have a large chunk of change invested in RMBS. Do I have my blinders on such that I am ignoring the current events? No, I am concerned, but the thing that makes it interesting is I don't think I know of anyone who heard all that was said, all that was presented at the trial, or better said, have all of the facts in the VA case. As such, we are now back into speculation of what happened, what was said, and what it means.

[I] Recommend doing yourselves a favor, let it go and wait for the appeals to play out or sell out and decide after the appeals ruling is over whether or not to chase this company. And that may be a viable option; if these appeals are going to take a while, RMBS share price increase may be stagnant until the bad news is over. But then again, maybe those of us who still believe and will hold our shares (until it is too late and we can't give them to anybody (admittedly that could happen)) may find ourselves pleasantly surprised by news between now and the appeals trial.

At present, RMBS management still believes in the events leading up to their patent applications, that's good enough for me. Based on what some have indicated regarding their current legal team, it appears they have fortified that area going forward. So going to sit back and watch. Guess my attitude is, it's at 9 and change, IF it takes another year or so to get to 50 plus, I still see my investment appreciate nicely. The only downside is I may sit on it and have it do nothing while a lot of others rally around me... Ah, decisions, decisions....


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