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By galagan
November 29, 2001

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I've learned a lot from this debacle:

1. Trying to figure out when a falling stock is going to stop falling is close to impossible.

2. When traders price a stock as if a deal is going to fall through, believe them.

3. Too often I have been upset with myself for not getting in on a stock when it subsequently rose. Rarely do I give myself any credit for not getting in on a stock when it subsequently falls. I thought about buying in at $20, $10, and $5. I never did. That failure to act saved me $2,000.

4. No company is too big, too dominant in its industry, too anything to fail.

5. Demand full information. When a company refuses to give it, assume the worst.

I strongly suspect they'll be shutting this board down soon, but it's been fun watching everybody talk about this. Best of luck to all.



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