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By igeddes
December 5, 2001

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What happened ?

Where did all the friendliness go ?

I know that a lot of people question what Mark writes but is there really a need for the all out confrontation?

We all have our own opinions, and our own beliefs. Our own thoughts, and our own understandings. There have been many times that something has been posted and its validity has been questioned. Many times that someone's expressed an opinion/view, which has then been tested - part of the mutual learning process that I certainly find to be one of the most valuable assets of great message boards such as this. We all make mistakes, or misunderstand something's relevance (or lack there of) and can be pretty sure that someone will be there to point it out to us.... sometimes through a better understanding, or sometimes just through a separate thought process and a different set of questions.

One thing that we're all struggling with at the moment is trying to figure out where the future is - especially if you're a Fool such as I who just got his fingers burned with another "solid" company. I welcome most of the discussion here, and (worryingly) actually look forward to reading the incredible depth and breadth of the posts made here.

Does it really need to get personal though? Surely our main concerns are related to LVLT and the environment that they operate in.... not whether Mark's predictions (after all, they're only guesses just like anyone else's) are worth the effort expended in writing and/or reading them.

Sorry for my rant but I have to cut short now - I've got a lot still to do prior to moving tomorrow. trp, I promise I'll get back to you!


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