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By TMFJeff
December 20, 2001

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Brian Lund, TMF Tardior, was, and is, a Fool's Fool.

But after more than a year-and-a-half of working on Fool books and seminars, writing numerous Rule Breaker columns and co-managing the RB Portfolio, Brian has decided to leave the balmy (yes, balmy) climes of Northern Virginia to return to the wintry cold Midwest whence he arose.

Brian's last column as a full-time Fool was a few weeks ago. He's moving to Chicago to continue and progress his career as an analyst.

While he was here, Brian wrote some of our best columns, in my opinion -- smart, funny, very well-written; sometimes even insightful. (Okay, more than sometimes.) A classicist by trade, Brian brought an angle to his writing that not many can. He was lively to read. He also led the way to some very good investing decisions, showing his analytical acumen.

David and Tom Jacobs and I, as the RB managers, will miss Brian around here. But so he doesn't leave too quietly, following are just some of his many excellent columns:

  • A Starbucks Update (Oct. 17)
  • Brian's Biggest Investing Mistake
  • Good (and bad) Investing Sites
  • eBay is Undervalued (at $54 in January 2001)
  • eBay's Cash isn't Flowing (April 23)
  • eBay Stronger than Ever (August 24)
  • I Want Stocks to Fall
  • Reassess Your Investing Criteria
  • The Upside of Rule Breaker's Sells
  • Mutual Fund Investors Rejoice (The new tax law)
  • We Aren't Chumps (on ROE)
  • Find the Killer Industry
  • Do the Right Thing, which has this great opener:

    "'You've got to invest in Bluetooth. It's the wave of the future.'
    How many times have I heard something like this as I sipped a Sapphire martini at a swanky Beltway cocktail party? Well, never actually, but I'm sure I will, once I get invited."

  • Anthrax and Analysts
    (tying harsh current events to analysts in such a seamless way was impressive)
  • The Paranoid Survive
    (about bagging a wild turkey and investing)

    And Brian's last column, from three weeks ago...
  • The Madness of Investing

    Best of luck, Brian -- keep in touch.



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