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By BRational
January 29, 2002

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I will dare to disagree with the Mightie Morgie, of the rock glutes fame, and just say it's OK to pay�.

Before you click and boo, let me explain.

First, in the interest of full disclosure, and with the full knowledge that any credibility I have on this issue may well instantly evaporate, I will mention that I was one of the lucky 1000 that have been invited by TMF to receive a one-year complementary pass.

But truth is that if I hadn't,  I would have been mad�I think I contribute actively, and if the airlines give me complimentary upgrades for being a frequent flier then some recognition for being a frequent poster might be called for. And they did.

But let's say there had been no free passes, I would have paid. Not because I can't think of what else I could do with $30 (like pay commission for two or three losing stock trades�), but because this site and the TMF community, especially this board, deliver value.

Let's say you have a few good friends, and you go out once a month to a pub or a coffeehouse. Let's say you order a beer, and only pay for yourself�Dutch treat, nobody buys your beer or latte. Nothing fancy; and $2.50 (including tip.. what a cheapskate!) will buy you a beer. That's your $30 bucks a year right there.

Of course, if you go to Starbucks and order a vinti latte or some such, the damage will be much more severe. May go up to 36 or 40 bucks a year. With the two years for the price of one charter deal, that's one cup of Starbucks (Americano) coffee a month (notice my feeble attempt at staying on topic by referring to BREW and JAVA�).

Well, I come here nearly every day, and I have great friends! Friends who share my interests not only in Qualcomm, and the wireless industry, but also in building towards a secure financial future. I learn from this board, and a couple of others (okay, Nokia board has some good folks too, just GSM data rates are slower so it takes longer to get the point across over there�). I learn a lot, and value the opinions of many. I appreciate receiving recommendations and feedback on my posts. Heck where else can I find 70+ people who think my opinions are worth reading, let alone responding to?

I have been on other boards, and I now spend some time over at the SI board (moderated thread). But it's not the same, neither in format nor breadth of perspective and analysis. There is no Lokicious anywhere else. Sorry Morgie, but the Yahoo boards are about as fast as GPRS�and on this board that is definitely not a compliment. The folks at TMF have kept the board spam-free, and have vigorously intervened when concerted manipulation was evident. That alone is worth paying for.

Bottom line: everyone will have to make their own decision about the value of any one activity or hangout. I frankly couldn't care less for most of the other Foolishness�on the hill, rule maker, rule breaker...I wouldn't pay for that. There are better places to get news, free; but right now, this board is an important place, and its people are important friends, even if virtual, and I will continue to come here�even if I had to pay. I could think of many, many, more stupid ways to blow $15 over the course of a year.


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