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By PoorBloke
March 22, 2002

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Just in case anyone was missing me (which I doubt), the reason is that I handed in my notice to Intel a couple of weeks ago, and have been planning my future. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity with which they have treated me, and I am very sad to leave a fine company.

But: I achieved my dream of being able to retire at 40, which I set myself when I was 35, so will be setting out to travel the world for the next 2-3 years. First stop Asia, then South America, and by the time I have done those two continents, I'll be ready for India (I have fair skin that needs toughening up). Unfortunately these "Round the world" tickets only last for one year, which is why I am doing one continent at a time. Well, I can go home to England once a year to get my washing done:)

I can put my savings in bonds that pay 4-5% per annum, and earn about as much as I earned working, so the idea of being able to travel, work where I want to, to help the less fortunate on this planet get a leg-up is something I can't resist.

In the spirit of Oscar speeches, I would like to thank a few people (ahem):

Alan81, whose example of early retirement from Intel demonstrated to me that this was a viable option.

Cordob, who is a very level headed investor, and who asks the right questions whether they endear him to the board in question or not (see RMBS).

Gigaman, who has suffered more grief than anyone (from Cam) for posting here, but who still does, in a most eloquent fashion.

Pwarton, who remains reasonable under some fairly heavy fire.

Sharps97, who is well worth listening to, since he is one of the few bears that post here that make sense.

Mschmit, for battling ignorance on the AMD board.

Well, I could go on.... My Favourite Fools list is there for a reason, and I would thank each and every one of them in person, given the chance, since they have all given me some insight into investing in one way or another.

My advice? If you want it.....

Never, ever fall in love with a stock, or listen to anyone who obviously is.

Even the most eloquent analysis should be taken with a massive dose of salt. See PTNewell on the RMBS board, and Valuenut/BobBianchi on the AMD board for examples of great analytical posts that turned out to be way too optimistic.

Don't be afraid to short a stock whose valuation YOU believe to be overpriced.

Finally: Never, ever, underestimate Intel.

Cheers, PoorBloke

p.s. forgive me the irony of my name

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