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By oldaugie
April 26, 2002

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...About what an extraordinary group of people frequent this Boomers Board. Just think of the diversity we exhibit:

We may be married, divorced, single, 'partnered up', or widowed. We live all over the country and even include a couple of international posters. No matter what type of issue is posted, someone on this board will know the answer, look up the answer or be willing to give some advice on how they handled a similar situation. Some of us are dealing with both an older and a younger generation, some of us are lucky and only have to deal with one or the other. We live in rural, urban and suburban settings.

Everyone has a sense of humor (even the lawyers) and of the absurd (does anyone else think that is difficult to find these days?) Who else but this board would have so much fun with the antler races and practicing swoops? The occasional trips to the gutter are fun for a change of pace and I can always count on this board and the posters to lift my spirits regularly.

Some can spell and some can't - everyone makes typos at least some of the time and the typos provide some of the best spontaneous humor I've ever been part of.

We are computer programmers, ministers (OK only one but still), government employees, accountants, tax people, lawyers, long-haul truck drivers (where is she these days anyway) , retired, school psychologists, and a variety of other occupations I can't think of at the moment. We range from 20s to 60s. Our educations run from High School to all sorts of advanced degrees.

I mean - when you really stop to think about it - this is an extraordinary group of people, ones you would not necessarily meet in your daily orbit of life if it weren't for these boards. It usually seems so hard to find people you'd like to get to know better and yet here I find too many to count (need my calculator)

I do hope that someday I get to meet each one of you. Thanks for providing a reality check on my days!

**not usually serious since 1902

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