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By ivangrowth
May 9, 2002

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Day in the life of Ivan. Car plates and driver's license expire same day, last day in April. No biggy. Carry the "03" sticker, paid in advance thru mail, in brief case/calendar. Goes in lower right hand corner of plate. So far, so good.

Remember the need to update the license plate on April 30th. After work, I plan on going to the Motor Vehicle Department and renew the driver's license. Finish just a horrible day in the office, but trudge to parking lot. Kneel next to car, toss brief case on trunk, wipe road grime off "02" and meticulously place "03" on top of it. Voila.

Grab briefcase, pull keys from pocket, put into door lock. Nothing. Look at handle? Look at car? My car....What gives? Try door again. Nothing. OOOOOOOOOOOooppppppps. Not Ivan's car.

Scramble to rear of car - same make, same year, same color, same style, same expiration month! Madly go after "03" decal. Nothing. Grab keys and dig at it. Hummmmmmmmm. Doesn't budge. Ohhhhh #%&*+@#!#~^. 3M, it seems, makes one heckuva adhering sticker!

What to do? Go to Motor Vehicle Department. 'Fess up. Clerk roars. "I have done this for 17 years and nobody, never, ever admitted to doing that one! Clerk roars again and feels a compelling need to tell all the other clerks. All other clerks roar. (Ivan is politely smiling and wants to crown all of them).

Clerk says, "Here, have one on me. No charge. Raise your right hand and repeat after me."

"On my honor.........on my honor....

I promise that.......promise that.....

I will get this one on the right car........"

Ivan and the whole joint burst out laughing.

Gotta laugh, heals the spirit,

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