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By CaveGirl
June 20, 2002

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When I was in the 6th grade, my father was stationed at Patch Barracks in Stuttgart, Germany. I went to Boblingen Elementary School and was blessed with a teacher who loved to travel. Her name was Mrs. Steich, an elderly lady who in years past had taken many of her classes to places across Europe. During my 6th grade year we embarked on adventures that could only happen to those living overseas. We went on ski trips to Berchesgarten and Garmisch, traveled to Strassbourg, France for dinner and a visit to one of the most incredible cathedrals I have ever seen. We visited Geneva, Switzerland, site of the League of Nations and then to Carcasonnes and Nice, France, the site of some stunning architectural wonders of aqueducts. We finally made a trip to Sitches, Spain, where in the summer of 1977 the movie Jaws had just been released in theatres. For the briefest of moments I was terrified of the water if only for that particular season. My love of cultures and travel blossomed in that 11 year old girl and the memories today are still as vivid and real as if I had taken the trip yesterday.

One of our school assignments during these trips was to write in our journals every single night and when we arrived back in town, we were to turn them into the teacher for grading. At first I thought this was a little tedious but as the days went by, it was fun to recap the trips and the jokes that we played each day and remember parts of the day that may not have an impact to anyone else who hadn't had the experience. Maybe the teacher read them or not... we would never really know, but as I look back to those formative years, I wish I could find those journals and read through the eyes of that 11 year old girl and relive the moments with friends of the past.

In college I still had not considered keeping anything of permanence in writing but had to take the basic English classes as a pre-requisite for my degree. It was in this class that a wonderful teacher by the name of Dorothy introduced me to long term journal writing <again for a grade> and it was here that I discovered how powerful words can be. Long after the writing assignment was over and the grade had been assigned, I kept my college journals and beyond and to this day, I have developed a love of writing and stories and sharing events in my life with others...

I've continued my writing, more now in public but I still keep private journals for my eyes only... the question of what's good and what's not is still subjective in the eyes of my readers, but some of my personal favorite pieces are found here in no particular order...

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It's been a fun 3 years at TMF and I hope this place sustains over many more years. I would never have made it without friends here and so I owe part of my prolific posting to the rest of you... I'd like to be all touchy feely in reference to thanking everyone but I know I would leave out someone and then a flame war would start and posts would get pulled left and right and then ultimately someone would get The Thinking Chair� and lawd knows we wouldn't want that to happen!

So suffice to say thank you to everyone for giving me the space to rant, lecture and post ideas and thoughts into the pages and pages of posts I've made over the years... it's been fun and will hopefully remain that way.

Hugs to all my friends,

p.s. this is my 40K post in case you weren't sure
p.p.s. don't rec this post

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