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How to Sell an Annuity to a Senior

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By BuildMWell
July 3, 2002

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"Seniors love freebees!" Ain't that the truth? I love freebees too!

I get invited to three or four of these "Retirement Seminars" every month. I sign up for every one of them. The meals are usually great! Plus, they sell your name to every other annuity salesman and he invites you to his seminars! More free food!

I would never buy one of these annuities but I am willing to listen. One trick for the novice "retiree" though. They always ask you to listen for about 45 minutes and then you eat. Thus, arrive about 40 minutes late and you can get the free meal and save yourself some time. After all, after the first seminar, you already know what they are going to say anyway. The spiel is the same every time.

If you haven't gone to one, here is the schedule:

Step 1: Introduce yourself and smile a lot! Tell at least two jokes to warm up the audience.

Step 2: As[k] if everyone is getting rich in the stock market. Make fun of the stock market and talk about the high risks involved.

Step 3: Talk about bonds and the risk of losing your capital if rates go up. Tell a few horror stories about old folks who got ill and had to sell some of their bonds.

Step 4: Talk about the effects of income taxes on CD income. Talk about inflation. Show that CD yields actually lose you money. Scare the people into seeing that there is no hope! Stocks, BAD!; Bonds, BAD!, CD's, STUPID!

Step 5: Tell them about the real answer...THE ANNUITY! THE PERFECT INVESTMENT. No risk, no downside, just a smart way to go! Tell them you aren't trying to sell them anything. You just want to educate them. Offer to have someone schedule a "personal interview" to see if they qualify for an annuity.

There you go. I have just saved you from going to the first one. You can now just sign up and go 40 minutes late. Enjoy the free food and leave quietly!

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