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By XaosSurfer
July 16, 2002

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I have been reading some of the threads on Political Asylum recently. Being a Canadian it gives me a good view into the political views and the political process on America.

I think, that for all the shouting, you can miss the true wonder that is America. I look at America with awe everyday.

It is a country that allows, encourages and rewards the type of debate that happens of this board. Try to rouse a group of Canadians into a passionate debate about our Politics. "Hah, everyone sucks there is no hope. Didya see what the Leafs did, eh?" Lots of interest but no passion.

This is a country that has technology bubbles. Celebrate. Of the 14 technology bubbles I can find since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, 12 happened in America. Bubbles are an awesome force of innovation and progress. They build railways and canals in just a few years. They wire the country for electric light in a decade. The only major public infrastructure that was not built by the awesome force of a bubble was the national highway system. The military took care of that one. Bubbles come and go about every 15 years but they leave behind a nation transformed.

Name the other countries in the world where the people are so free to pursue their destiny that Americans are lined up to get work visas to move? It all happens, right next door in America and the world knows it. The may envy or hate the system but no one ignores it.

Look at the 2000 elections. What a mess. We could recount it forever and come up with a different winner each time. In the face of a breakdown of this magnitude, a solution emerged. Half the country hated the solution. Half the country loved the solution. On Jan. 20th they all shook hands and then saluted the new president. Not a shot fired in anger. Not a thought that maybe the generals would take control. Order out of the most extreme chaos. A nation did itself proud but has yet to learn that lesson.

There are problems, no doubt. The people in the inner cities have been forgotten and they need to be invited back into the flow and even then, their children don't die in childbirth and the can count on living to a ripe old age.

On Sept. 11, firemen and policemen turned around and ran back into the WTC after the first tower fell. The nation paid tribute in a way that did every American proud.

The American people and their systems are the most innovative, productive people on the planet but they sometimes forget. This was a reminder.

The only time we Canadians worry are on those hot muggy dog days of summer when you look to our northern lakes with their crystal blue water. The look in your eyes says, "Me thirsty, you have water, btw, ever heard of Iraa?"


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