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By RodgerRafter
November 15, 2002

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If you agree with what we've been trying to accomplish with the shareholder proposal threads, now's the time to let Apple's management know how you feel. Since most of us are lazy and like to accomplish things with minimal effort, I'll outline 5 different ways you can make your voice heard, based on your own level of laziness.

#1. Extreme Level of Laziness: Click on the "Recommend it!" link, so that others will be more likely to read it and take one of the following actions. Then go watch TV.

#2. Very High Level of Laziness: Send Apple Investor Relations, , an email, with the following message:

Dear Mr. Jobs,

As a shareholder, I am very concerned about 3 specific issues:

1. Our current board of directors is made up of current and former executives, who have shown little regard for shareholder interests. The nominating committee needs to seek out new directors who recognize that their primary purpose is to protect the long-term interests of shareholders.

2. The size of executive options grants have been too high, and the decision not to account for them as an expense is dishonest and misleading.

3. The share repurchase program has been used unwisely and in a suspicious manner. It was used often to repurchase shares at high prices, but not so often at low prices. It has been used to repurchase shares immediately prior to insider selling, but has never been used in the months prior to the large executive stock options grants for the VPs.

Please take appropriate steps to correct the above problems.



#3 High Level of Laziness: Send Apple Investor Relations, , an email, in your own words outlining your concerns about the issues that concern you most.

#4 Moderate Level of Laziness: Print out and send Apple one or all of the shareholder proposals we created on this message board. If I understand the rules correctly, Apple will have 14 days to reject them on at least 3 grounds (more than 500 words, only one proposal per shareholder, you need to prove that your are a shareholder). If Apple does reject them, then you'll have 14 days to get inspired and correct the problems.

You'll need to put it in the mail very soon, so it gets to Cupertino by Wednesday, November 20th.

Shareholder Proposals should be sent to Apple's General Counsel:

Ms. Nancy Heinen
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

#5 Low Level of Laziness: Get all your ducks in a row and send in one proposal in correctly. You'll need to choose the one that is most important to you, trim it down to fewer than 500 words (including the supporting statement), and get a letter from your broker stating that you've held more than $2000 worth of Apple stock for more than a year (unless you are already a registered owner). Read the following if you want to be extra sure you are getting things right (thanks, Jen):

If you don't think you can get it all together in time for the deadline next Wednesday, you can start with level #4, while getting the pieces together for level 5.

If any of you frequent other message boards, please feel free to repost this there. You might also want to post the actual proposals. The more management hears from Apple shareholders, the more they are likely to address the current problems.

Feel free to respond, especially if you are choosing level 4 or 5.


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