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By milleniumfalcon
January 8, 2003

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Ok I took a good and scary look at my credit card debt over the last number of years. For a long time I made little or no progress whatsoever. Then I buckled down...and hard.

Here's what I found:

I was paying $450 per month on $28,293.07 with an average of 16% in interest. Using calculators I realized it was going to take me 134 months to pay off that amount. 11 years!! No wonder I felt like I was getting nowhere fast. It would have cost me about $36K in interest.

You folks inspired me and got me the info I needed on BT's, how to call the companies to get them to lower my interest rates. How to save money (LBYM), checking out rates, snowballing. More than anything else though, it was the emotional support when I got low down and ugly. It has been a tremendous trip.

The number one reason you all rule, is because:

I got out of debt in 40 months. I paid only about $7,000 in interest.

You all helped me save $29,000.00. YOU ROCK!!!!!!


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