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By UCalgaryGeer
April 1, 2003

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TypeMon Technologies, Inc. TYPMN - Halifax exchange.

Business: This is brilliant!!!! They have a staff of hundreds of monkeys on hundreds of laptops, typing stuff. As original content, it's all copyright-protected as soon as it's typed. They keep a big database of this, and search it for copyright violations using the scripts of popular movies and popular song lyrics. Then, they'll sue. One big lawsuit, and they're gonna make a fortune!!! How can you lose?

Trading at: $0.07 CDN, up from $0.04 CDN yesterday. Trailing fifty-two week high is $1.33 - that's a 1900x profit!!!

I bought 30000 of these babies yesterday, and they're going up, up up!!!!

You guys GOTTA profile this baby!!!!!

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