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By BobBluff
May 28, 2003

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Little did I know that when I first started planning for FIRE, that I would need to call upon my work in rather short order.

First, the thankyous to all that have shown that FIRE is possible, desirable, and achievable. A big tip of the hat to Intercst especially for providing the framework onto which I built my plan. There have been numerous others who have provided valuable information as well. Thanks to all that have made this board quite valuable.

We have had a major turn over of the most senior management at our institution over the last two years. Change can be bad or it can be good, a breath of fresh air. I was summoned up to my immediate supervisor's office two weeks ago and out of the blue told that if I didn't like my job I should resign. I had no idea where this came from, there were no hints, no evaluations or comments that would have alerted me to this, but any supervisor has the right to replace someone on the management team that isn't viewed as valuable. But, the next day I received comments in writing, with a one page preamble that was loaded with shall we say, inaccuracies, and was required to sign it if I was to continue on. I didn't sign it and after a discussion with DW, I resigned. I think those of us who have achieved FI deal with issues very differently than those who are work slaves. My resignation was unexpected as I was "supposed" to sign and agree to a load of BS to continue on in my job. I was expected to need my job. My integrity was supposed to take a back seat because of the need for a job. Sorry, no thanks.

Thus, in a few weeks I will be entering a new phase in my life. I will let you know how the plan works out. Again, thanks to all. And for those who are FIRE wantabees, invest as much as you can and LBYM. It will happen if you want it to, but remember it will take some time. Very few folks actually RE, and I'm 55 years old. While not as young as other FIREd folks on the board, it is earlier than 65.



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