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By carsonb
June 27, 2003

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I was just watching "Your World With Neal Cavuto" on Fox News; N.C. is Fox's business manager and his show deals with investments and the market. [Fox News reports on this story.]

He was talking about having been to a meeting at a Wall Street investment firm that morning and how those running the meeting were less than polite and considerate to those in the audience - the firm's account holders. Neal went in to a little spiel about how his dad had told him things like eye contact, a smile, etc. were good indicators of a person's character. The person who was running this meeting wasn't making any eye contact with anyone and his body language was rather constricted and controlled.

A man raised his hand and said he was the leader of a Boy Scout troop in the audience and would someone please answer questions the boys had about investing. The moderator said no, he would only answer questions from account holders. The troop leader said he had a sizeable account there, but again he was told no one would talk with the boys.

N.C. said this made him feel terrible so he invited the scouts over to Fox News where they got their questions answered, a quick tour, and got to meet some of the on-air women the boys had crushes on. The boys were thrilled as many of them are fans of the network; the troop leader was happy that someone had taken the time to be nice to them. N.C. and the leader were talking and both expressed dismay with the way the investment firm had treated the scouts; the leader said he was so disgusted he was closing his account. N.C. mused about whether or not the firm would even care. "They will care" the leader said. My account is worth $12 million.

I LOVE it!

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