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By MichaelRead
August 22, 2003

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The Interview that Never Happened XXX111

President Dwight Eisenhower re-interviewed by MichaelRead

MichaelRead: "Mr. President, thank you for agreeing to another interview on the Iraq situation. This time, sir, your thoughts now the war is ended and � "

President Eisenhower: "Let me interrupt. Mr. Read. The war has not ended. In fact, it continues as it has for more than 25 years. In the past several years it has been brought to more US attention yet Iraq is a chapter � not a completed book."

Read: "That's what many say, that Iraq is a quagmire."

Eisenhower: "Again. Mr. Read, let me draw your attention to this long-term conflict that didn't begin with the invasion of Iraq. Nor with 9/11 or the embassy bombings. These are milestones on a road yet they are not the road itself. Iraq is a wakeup call to those who support terror and this war is one that will continue until those who support terror either win or lose."

Read: "By this you mean al Qaeda, Hamas, and other 'liberation Fronts?"

Eisenhower: "Mr. Read, those organizations, as dangerous as they are, they are pawns to destabilize any efforts that those supporting terrorism fear will destabilize their regimes. These terrorist grounds are managed, financed, and supported by the regimes of Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. Only in Saudi Arabia has any sense been shown in rooting out terrorists but that's only done to preserve the power of the Saudi family. The Saudi ruling families still fear they will be toppled and my fear is that what they are doing is more show than reason to eliminate systematic terrorism."

Read: "There are reports of those nations sending fedayeen fighters into Iraq."

Eisenhower: "They will argue they didn't send them and were powerless to countermand the call for jihad. Have any of these governments come out publicly to condemn the jihad? Mr. Read, these terror masters believe it is a matter of will � that the US, Britain, the NGOs and the UN will pack up and leave because of the pressure of terrorism. In this way the regimes that support the terrorists will come through this unscathed. They will not condemn terrorism but only abhor it � while offering terrorists the means to continue a government policy."

Read: "How do we then change this? More war?"

Eisenhower: "Mr. Read, the war is now. To change it? End the regimes in Iran and Syria and place other countries on notice that supporting terrorism either though direct means or by using religion as a cause will suffer. President Bush said that those harboring terrorists and fomenting terrorism are in the US's headlights. They know this yet their response is to still use terrorism as a political force. Why? Because on one side they have the belief that terrorism works � as it has when it is unchallenged. I believe those countries such as Iran and Syria have not realized the President's resolve and they believe he will blink if the pressure of terrorism continues."

Read: "Sir, we cannot go into these countries and take over as we have in Iraq.

Eisenhower: "Answer me this, Mr. Read, diplomacy has failed us so do we continue to believe in it? No, I am not espousing all out war yet it may come to that. Realize diplomacy has its place yet its place is between consenting bodies. Syria, Iran and Saudi Arabia talk to please yet act in their own interest of preserving their regimes' power. Their systems actively call to their people to inflame the situation in Iraq � how long can we say that diplomacy will win them over when it's evident they want nothing to do with it but use it to stall."

Read: "Not to be facetious but do we carpet bomb?"

Eisenhower: "I would make it most evident that if they continue to promote a continuing war through jihad there will be consequences. If the imams in the mosques preach martyrdom as a duty I would say that their governments step in. Realize they could have done this years ago and still can yet they don't."

Read: "Sir, the question is still 'do we have a dog in this fight?' Is the US a world's policeman?"

Eisenhower: "I said earlier that invading Iraq was a wakeup call to those supporting terrorism. The question I ask you: Is 9/11 an isolated incident or one isolated to the US mainland? Consider that there are still attacks on US properties and interests yet they have no happened here. A negative cannot be proved yet I ask you also this: if the US, through President Bush, had not drawn a line then what the result? No, I am not fear mongering yet stating a premise I believe would have had disastrous result had he not spoken as he did."

Read: "The costs of war..."

Eisenhower: " to be borne because the cost of not stopping a war is far, far greater. Do you believe, Mr. Read, that peace will come to the Middle East though diplomacy? As much as we wish it would I see that it cannot. The stakes for Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia in maintaining their system is too high for them to acquiesce to lessening terrorism."

Read: "As is the custom on The Interview that Never Was you have the last word, sir."

Eisenhower: "What has to be realized is that terrorism is an act of state policy. What these states using terrorism as a political tool should realize is that those terrorized are now going to cut the head off the snake rather than attack the fangs of it. Iran foments war and has publicly called for recruits to wage it. Saudis are traveling to Iraq to wage more war. Syria is publicly calling to volunteers to join the jihad. We must not let this continue and we must prove to them by all means possible that terrorism as a policy supporting a regime's continuance is not acceptable.

"A point, Mr. Read. They have shown their colors and are now making the terrible mistake � for them � of committing to violence. This violence will be met with violence at a street level yet what must be made clear is that we will, if violence is mandated by these regimes, topple them. They have then a choice: remain as you are and we will retaliate or change the strategy of using terrorism as a state-sponsored tool.

"It is not in my power to do so yet I would, today, say to those countries who are sending fighters to Iraq that they have only days to recall them else our anger will overflow into their countries. We will not negotiate we will have reprisal."

Read: "Thank you, Mr. President."


Note: The theme of this comes from Michael Ledeen's The War Against the Terror Masters (St. Martin's Press). I recommend it

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