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Time to Blow Out of MMM and Bore Into GE

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By nuyawkr
September 5, 2003

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Perhaps the fact is that 3M has run its course and those investment dollars are pouring into GE stock.

I believe the Barron's article suggesting GE was a better value than 3M had a lot more to do with today's activity than the Vivendi deal. It was widely expected that GE would be the top bidder for weeks.

This is all nice, but it's not really relevant to me, or I suspect, many other posters.

I have no interest in GE because:
--I don't trust them to not massage their earnings
--I don't understand many of the company's pieces
--I don't understand how those pieces fit together
--I don't like the "star" mentality that seems to drive leadership decisions at GE (and many other companies).

GE may in fact be a better company to invest in than 3M, but you haven't presented much evidence for that thesis.

Because this is The Fool, it must be said: who cares what the institutional investors are doing? It just means I can buy more at a depressed price. If all you're trying to do is alert those of us with an interest in 3M that Mr. Market is about to do something irrational again, then I thank you. If you're trying to alert us of structural flaws that you see in the company (not that I see any), then again, I thank you. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish--encourage a trading mentality in this stock?

3M is, to all appearances, a stable, well-managed company. I suspect any run-up (and subsequent fall) will be due to the stereotypical money managers shoveling money around to maintain the appearance of looking successful. The fact that they do so should be no surprise to anyone here, especially after this long of a grinding bear market.


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