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By nukejohn
February 18, 2004

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Well guys,

I'm sorry I couldn't get an exclusive for you, but I did my best. Only one person I talked with knew that the decision was done...but I couldn't see her face to the best I could ascertain was that the decision was coming after market hours. I relayed this to JAWorrell.

I sat with Stuart's attorney and the Paralegal guy from Rambus's DC Law Firm and spent most of the afternoon educating them on the facts of the case. The paralegal had been working on cases in the DOT (airline industry) and wasn't at all familiar with this case. Stuart's attorney was a real nice guy. He was a former Fed and his past experiences made him believe that a government agency hardly ever loses a case like this...but by the end of the day, I think I had him convinced that Rambus would be the winner and I think I had him convinced to go buy some for himself (and this was before the ID came out).

They kicked us out of the document room when it closed at 5:00 PM, so we moved to the hallway where the building security guards were. We called the Public Affairs Officer responsible for this case and got voice mail. Then we called the main office and got a young secretary. By reading between the lines on her comments to me, she confirmed my suspicion that that the ID was done, but that the Press Release wasn't ready. She did say that it would be posted on the web site before it would be given to anyone in the document room. Since we knew the document room was closed, I didn't think that we had a chance to get a copy of the written press release or the detailed ID, so I decided to head for my hotel.

The funniest thing that happened was that some Rambus shareholder called this poor guy that was working the desk in the Public Document Office at about 4:30 PM. The poor guy was getting reamed by someone on the other end. I could tell by the conversation that is was a Rambus long of my acquaintance known as Regina from Yahoo board. The poor guy was taking her wrath because it was after business hours and the Judge hadn't released the decision or announced an extension. He basically said he didn't know anything...and that she could call the Judge if she wanted to. He was the target of a few expletives from Regina...and I could tell he was I decided to be his buddy. I said, "can you believe these Rambus stockholders?"...(I had never told him I was one of those shareholders and felt the same way Regina felt). So I said..."you think we'll get a decision today?"....he said "let me check with someone" and made a phone call. Had he learned anything...I felt sure he would have told me what he learned....but alas...the woman he called didn't know I didn't learn anything.

When I got back to my hotel, I learned that the FTC had summoned a lawyer from Rambus' DC law firm (apparently the paralegal wasn't good enough) about 10 minutes after I left. He was given the file...and disappeared out the back door...and Stuart's lawyer friend didn't get a chance to read anything or talk to him. The FTC really kept this on the QT until the very end...which makes me admire Judge McGuire even more. Not only was he a straight shooter...but he protected the integrity of his decision until the very end...and it didn't leak out at all. Three Cheers for Judge McGuire!!!

Now, the big question is high do we go...and how soon will we get there. I am still hopeful that there is a settlement in the wings...and I am hoping it will be announced before the close on Friday. I'd personally like "The Perfect Storm" to hit before 4:00 PM on Friday, because that's when my Feb options expire. But I do have some May options that are looking good.

I highly recommend that you spread the word to all media outlets, and do your best to be civil and humble...but let's make sure that everyone gets the word out. I'd love to see the shorts squeezed all the way to 70-80 by Friday.

Thanks to all.

All Roads Lead To Rambus (ALRTR)


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