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By goffperu
May 18, 2004

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I was inspired by the recent thread regarding Mac evangelism. I have long thought the Mac OS to be superior to any version of Windows, and have at times been vocal and baiting in my comments about this. However, I have now decided that I will stop doing that. It is juvenile, and ignores a basic fact: being an annoying Mac lover will not sell any more Macs. What will is just continuing to do my work on a Mac, explaining to people that ask, and letting the things speak for themselves. It really does work.

After I read the previous thread, a parent came to me to apologize for her daughter's late homework. "Sam's work got completely wiped out. It isn't her fault."

Me: "That's terrible. What happened?"

Mom: "We got a worm. It just ate her work. It used to be dogs that ate homework. Now worms are doing it. I think it is worrisome when lower life forms start moving up like that."
[I thought that was a pretty clever joke, and was well chosen for a science teacher's consumption.]

Me: "What worm is that?"

Mom: "It was Sasser. It has been reeking havoc all over the world. Unfortunately, we got reeked too, AGAIN. You guys must have gotten hit, too."

Me: "No, Sasser only affects Windows machines. Most of our equipment are Macintosh. We really haven't had any problems like that."

Mom: "Well, we sure have. We have Norton Anti-virus, but I guess we didn't get the update soon enough. Do your Macs have some other kind of virus software?"

Me: "I don't really know. I never have to worry about it. Apple sends out security updates, but they install automatically, so I never really notice. I don't think there have been any viruses or worms for OS X. At least none that I heard about.

Mom: "Must be nice. Anyway, thanks for understanding. Sam will have the work in tomorrow."

Now, she would probably not have responded well to "Ha, ha! You should have gotten a Mac! Macs rule!" As it is, she walked away with a longing for a better way of life, and the seed planted that Macs can provide that. This is the way we can make progress. Making PC people defensive doesn't work, and is a strategy that should be abandoned.

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