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By sandv
May 20, 2004

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Sound the Fool Trumpets!
Criers gather the Fools,
Beckon them come one and all.
For today we celebrate in Grand
And glorious style!

Pronounce from the Highest Hills
So all Fools Can hear.
Post upon the Boards for all
Fools to read.

"My son just won 3rd place in the NATIONAL Economics Essay Contest!!"

He chose to write about Krispy Kreme. And why would he choose such a noble topic as this? Because he reads here on Fooldom and it caught his interest. He was listening to all that was said, digesting the morsels of wisdom from various Fools along the way. Adding that information to his wit with words, he placed third and won a brand new Dell Laptop computer!!!

The proudest mother Fool of all tonight!!!!

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