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By netman622
July 8, 2004

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"POW!" "SPLAT!!" "BAMMMMMM" The last several days for Marvel has reminded me of that old, corny Batman T.V. show. After what was a wildly successful release of Spiderman 2, our stock has taken some body blows to its price. In some people's mind the announcer's voice is asking the fateful questions--"Is Spidey down for the count?" "Has Hulk finally been destroyed?" "Can the Daredevil overcome this blindside?"

Actually, the action of the past several days has not been unexpected on my part. We have a short hedge fund that has invested Millions of $$$ to push the price down this past year. I think we have seen his wrath. There have been many who said they would be out after Spiderman 2's release (leave after the run--that never happened). I thought about selling and sitting on the sidelines, but decided to stay in hopes that some news came out. In the past I was in and out and lost out on rebounds. I have made obscene profits with this stock over the past several years and I can afford to wait. I have seen the volatility of this small cap stock and I will ride it out. This is strikingly familiar with the volatility of Spiderman 1, X-men 1 & 2, and Hulk.

The fundamentals of Marvel have not changed. It is now a debt-free company. It is and will continue to make mountains of money over the next several years (and beyond in my opinion). While I wish that Marvel execs were more aggressive in their defending Marvel from the wolves that are attacking and baying, I trust that they have a game plan. It has been their game plan that has taken Marvel from a bankrupt company to the money making machine that Marvel is now. They have been overly cautious and some folks are taking advantage right now. There is NO reason to think that Marvel's stock will not go back up. Campioni can have his fantastic visions of cooked books and under the table dealings with unknown folks in Hong Kong. Current Marvel management has NEVER given any reasons to suspect such duplicity.

To quote the Thing---"It's clobbering TIME!!" I have sent in more money today. When my account allows, it will buy more shares of Marvel. I have been researching other stocks to buy, but with the recent bloodbath, Marvel is now even more attractive. As a matter of fact, let the price GO DOWN over the next few days. I'll be able to buy more! Marvel management has hinted that they have some responses to the current negative news and activities. When Marvel releases their news I want to be on their side!!

Fool on!!! Go Marvel!!!!

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