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By TheRealBCF
October 14, 2004

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In case there may be some of you Guard/Reserve members out there that haven't been mobilized yet, but will be soon, I'd like to share some lessons that I have learned the hard way:

1. Obviously, you need a will and a power of attorney. Get at least two copies of the Power of Attorney, if one gets lost and you are in B@##$%#, Egypt it's a real bitch to replace (been there done that).

2. Get all that "honey do" crap done with before you go. That lamp you have been procrastinating to hang will bother your spouse/significant other while you are gone like you wouldn't believe.

3. If you take care of the checking account, make sure your spouse knows what to do before you go. I use Quicken, which my wife hates. I have been teaching my son to use it, I probably will leave him in charge of it.

4. Depending on your budget, if you can, arrange for a cleaning service to come to your house once or twice while you are gone. It takes a heck of a strain off the one left behind. Again, it depends on your budget. If you can't afford that, try to arrange for some friends or family to come over once or twice to help clean up.

5. If you do the lawn, you may want to work a deal with a neighborhood kid to mow it while you are gone, again this is determined by your budget. See above.

6. When packing for the deployment, don't let your spouse see you packing the Kevlar. It kind of freaks them out.

7. Keep your physical fitness up as much as possible. The extreme heat in SWA during the summer is an experience that can not be imagined if you never have been there. Even summer in Arizona doesn't compare to what it's like when it's 130 degrees and 95 percent humidity in Abu Dhabi. Being in fairly good shape can help you deal with that heat.

It looks like this will be a regular routine for us in the Reserves and Guard for at least the next five years. May as well get used to it.


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