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Fools Kicking Butts Day 3/25/2005

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By beccapooka
March 16, 2005

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It's been so much fun having new Quitters here the last few weeks, even if it has been difficult to keep up at times. :)

Let's get prepared for the next wave of Quitters.

The idea of Fools Kicking Butts Day is simple. All we ask is that you make a commitment to stop smoking for ONE day. That day is Friday March 25. You have more than a week to prepare.

Reply to this post and commit to kick your butts for just a day. Feel free to hang out and lurk/post here before, during, and after 3/25, whether you are smoking or not. You're only committing to not smoke for one day, but you're always welcome here.

Take a minute to check out the FAQs, especially the FAQ supplement. There are some great tips if you want to continue not smoking after 3/25. You can also download a meter to track your progress at

You'd be surprised how much fun being a Quitter can be... if you are amongst Fools.


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