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By vishal21
May 3, 2005

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Could this be the case? I mean they said there were going to address the PR situation, today's announcement seems to be fit the bill. The guy looks to be qualified, and they did it BEFORE the next earnings call and annual meeting.

Looking back on management's past behavior with a grain of salt, the only things I can truly question are why they did not put in place a stock divestment plan vs. selling all unwanted shares in Nov-Dec, and the bonus Mr.DHB took the year before. The thing is, if you look deeper into the 10K, a few years back he waved getting reimbursed on a pile of expenses. In the end it all balances out.

I mean, the company is named for the owner, why would he possibly want to submarine it? What good could possibly come from that?

The company has built a SOLID reputation with their clients and end-users, yet the only thing people seem to be talking about is how Brooks and friends are bad for the company. Why? Because he wouldn't give guidance at the last CC?

Today's announcement, in my view, is another sign that management is competent and is truly interested in making the company and stock a success.

I have gone through many a post on this board and others, and I just can't shake the feeling that despite all the negative statements by disgruntled Fools (including myself), that management is not being given enough credit for what they have done right.

It seems the only thing most people want to do is roast them for what they THINK they have done wrong.


Because Mr. Market decided the company making body armor for our troops wasn't worth the time and money?

Looking back on all comments made, they do seem awfully shortsighted.


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