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By dovbaer6
May 10, 2005

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My son John is 21 years old. He was a spoiled middle class American kid who got almost everything handed to him. I was too easy on him and let him get away with stuff all the time. Not the best Dad when it came to discipline, I admit.

In high school he exasperated his teachers because he was a very bright kid who never did any homework and was too chatty in class. But his personality was winning; he was friendly and supportive, sensitive and a good sense of humor. The teachers felt he worked well below the level he was capable of. Hence their exasperation. A kid they really liked, who couldn't figure out how to work. He graduated high school with a D average (barely).

He then got a job as a waiter. After nearly being fired during his first two months, he found his bearings and started to work hard and more effectively. His bosses noticed and gave him better shifts. Next thing you know, a few months pass and he is the top waiter in the restaurant (seating 175). They promote him and he starts to train other waiters, he becomes a bartender and a cook, excelling at them all, and they make him a manager.

After about a year he tells me he wants to enroll in community college. Sounded good to me and he did. Full time student and he kept his full time job too. His major, of course, was restaurant and hotel management. Then the most amazing thing happened. He started to study! In his first semester he got 3 B's and 1 A. Not bad for a high school student who barely got a D.

Each semester his grade point average went up a little more and the last two semesters he got straight A's.

And today, 3 years after he barely got through high school came the best news of all; he was accepted into Cornell University for the fall 2005 semester as a transfer student.

He called me up reading his acceptance letter with his hands shaking. My whole family is in shock, happy shock. This kid proved to me that it is possible to turn your life around.

Just thought I would share my happiness with my friends here in PA land.


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