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By Younganddumb
October 14, 2005

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I don't post here much, but I do get some good info from several people. Not pumping, but good solid discussion about numbers, products, and where this market is going.

If these thoughts don't seem lucid, it's because I am studying for a Master's exam but can't get my mind off yesterday.

Check out this link, and then come back:

This is the future of iTunes in both music and video (TV movies etc.) from an artist/film-maker/indy type person.

What is unique about this album is that all of the funds were raised online for production costs because she approached all the labels and they weren't interested in this project. Now, she controls all sales and gets ALL of the money. iTunes will be, if it isn't already, the great equalizer. The record companies know this, Iger knows this. IT IS INEVITABLE.


What you have there is a Grammy Award-winning album that nobody wanted to have made. And now she is in her 3rd pressing (so I have heard) of 10,000 CD's that she brings in $169K for each pressing. If this was done by a label, she would have had to sell 5X that to get that much payback (maybe even more.)

The labels are scared, they have been raping and manipulating the airplay numbers for years and now finally someone (Apple) is showing everyone how naked the emperor really is. TV has realized how idiotic the labels are and will jump in with both feet. Pretty soon - all networks will be here - it is FREE MONEY. HBO? Yes, ESPN, of course, CBS - you bethcha - news content will be revolutionized.


I am a musician and a music director for the company that used to be run by Eisner. (Yes, that one.)

I also think that Apple WILL start a label for indy artists and sell their music over iTunes. Young movie directors? You betcha (project green light only with a profit.) Apple will allow you to pay them a monthly fee to have your stuff hosted, and then take a percentage of the sales - no labels, no reproduction costs - the end of music as we all know it has begun - and it is a great thing. Movies too. Who needs a pitch meeting? Go make your movie, upload it to iTunes movies and let the public decide.

The following will sound like smack - but it isn't meant that way. I've written it before, but I am even more convinced of it now.

This battle is over. Apple wins. Period. MSFT has a distinct possibility to make some noise with the partnerships, but I really think them being so late with the new pc OS has screwed them.

Upside is officially limitless. Apple is a content distributor with deep pockets and the most powerful of partners (Disney) who happens to make the best hardware to display and listen to that content.

And they are still selling tons of computers.


Ron in Orlando

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