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By IcyWolf
October 24, 2005

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Howdy all ya'll (Charlestonian for Hi),

Ahh well ... all good things must come to an end, and the inaugural BMWm CON is no exception. But talk about ending in style ... Murph and Cindy, along with various Murphlings helped the BMWers (and BMWettes) onboard a large touring catamaran for a wonderful sail about Charleston's historic and scenic harbor! The wine and beer, sun and gentle winds, company and new found friends chatting ... Geesh ... ya should been there <lupine wink>!

You'll no doubt be regaled soon about things we all learned that should prove helpful towards increasing our profits ... projects we'll be starting for advancing the BMWm ... and pictures and reports from our chats and presentations ... but to me so much of what's important about CONs are the critters themselves ... so here's a quick and unbelievable inadequate wolfen take on the furless 2 legged contingent:

Murph was host extra-ordinaire and has set an incredible standard for the next host to aspire to <casting sidelong glances about the forum>. Irish to the core, he's sorta like the jaunty casually-stylish cousin we all would LOVE to have in our families and just hang out with. His absolutely beautiful better half did an incredible job with so many behind the scenes details ... plus was just wonderful fun to chat with ... what a class act they are!

Jim (BMW) was as patient as he always is on the boards, and such a wonderful storyteller ... and always on point with regard to his perceptions and views ... while just meeting him was worth the price of admission, his presentation and comments ... Hmmmm ... I thought I was pretty well versed on the BMWm, but I learned more than a few things from him yet again.

Mike (mklein9) ... On a personal level I found his life (and life interests etc.) almost eerily parallel to mine ... I suspect that should scare him more then me <g> ... beyond that ... just an incredibly intelligent, thoughtful and insightful person. And his presentation on LEAPs and the BMW method � pure magic. You'll be reading more about that here in the forum as I suspect more than myself will be moved to at least consider BMW strategies involving LEAPs, and maybe even options � and in case you didn't know my previous position on such things, I have generally opposed them, but now am leaning to believe that with the BMWm perspective, they have a place even in my ultra conservative investing style!

Doron (dosh1965) ... While he was a bit on the reserved side, his comments and suggestions may have held the most impact of any of us. His views on the "art" of the BMWm in relation to mechanizing parts of it ... really awakened me to the value in standardizing and mechanizing various and multiple parts of the BMWm. And his working knowledge of options and LEAPS ... Along with Mike how could a furry woodland creature NOT be convinced to seriously re-examine such issues?

Gary (RGAnthony) ... Well, with a sense of humor even this woodland critter could associate with, what more can I say <g> ... I can tell you he was so down to earth and practical in his analysis of whatever points were being addressed, he really served as an anchor to reality against our drifting off into unreal waters. Plus he has a keen sense of the absolute need to balance the mechanical and non-mechanical aspects of DD. Add to that some wonderful spreadsheets to speed screening DD related points ... He and I will be taking the lead on a project for some management-focused DD in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the boards and jump on in to help if you can!

John (Jokingme) ... Golfer but without the startlingly colorful wardrobe <g> ... Amazing financial spreadsheets and scoring systems for the BMW approach. And those who are valuation centric ... he's the guy! Between him and the others, mechanization / standardization of much FA will undoubtedly save all time to concentrate on those aspects of DD (and BUY/SELL issues) that need more time and thought.

Scott (SpockV) ... A newer investor but with a quick mind ... plus a fellow medico ... probably the person in the room who has made the best recent investment ... an 18 month old son ... I suspect he'll represent the next wave of BMWers to learn and modify the approach to the ever changing nature of the investing universe.

And there in a lupine version of a nutshell, are the furless wonders of Charleston. Pictures to link faces and names, for those of you who need / want such things, will be available soon. I'm still laughing too hard from editing them for now to share <smile>.

And last but not least, Matthew (TMFGambit) ... the youngster of the crew ... and here's a warning to TMF ... someone who knows this much about Tolken's LOR can't be working as much as he should be <almost innocent lupine smile> ... But his knowledge base isn't limited to that type of fantasy ... he base of info on both basics and individual companies ... awesome ... and as one would expect from an official TMFer, a great sense of humor!

Take care,

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