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By olehere
November 7, 2005

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Somewhat long, skip if your patience for rambling is short at the moment...

First of all, I am writing this because I feel like I need to acknowledge what this board means to me. My association with this board and with BMW previous to his starting this board has changed my life. I know that sounds a little bit melodramatic but it is true. The intent of this post is first of all to acknowledge that fact, a thank-you of sorts to all of you active posters (you know who you are) and then to encourage the very same people to keep on showing your work... This is a key that I want to reinforce, "please keep showing your work!" More on that later.

In the year 2000, I spent my entire Xmas vacation, after finding the Fool site, reading "101 reasons" to put Warren Buffet at the top of my "most admired" list. (The FAQ shows 101 reasons why Berkshire Hathaway via Buffet's leadership is a good investment.) After some soul searching and realizing that I was very uncomfortable with the fact that I was almost 100% Janus worldwide, Janus this & that invested, I did the unthinkable. I cashed out and put a majority of my money into BRK/B. At about the same time, I ran into BMW and started following his posts - as you may have noticed, he gets around. I had a lot of questions about how he drew his charts, about which stocks were undervalued, etc. The bottom line was that he treated me with a log of dignity and respect even when it was pretty clear that I was asking for a lot of help without investing a lot of my own time. At any rate, through his influence, I bought a lot of BMW type of stocks with the same cash that I took out of the market: several come to mind although I have reduced my holdings in many of them. MO, RJR, but most importantly DUK. (At the same time, I also invested in Sealed Air and USG, based on Buffet purchases.) Well, all of these investments have turned out to be good ones. The ones that did not turn out have mostly been my own decision to "not evaluate with the BMW method."

This leads me to the final word of encouragement to the board regulars, "you have done so much for so many through your hard work, your published DD on different stocks, your insights, your comments, the Charts and different spread sheets people are making available." I want to encourage you to "stay public" as there are a tremendous number of little people that would not be where they are today if you big people were not so forthcoming and selfless.

The next time you are tempted to not comment because you think that people already know that, think twice. I may just need to know that "Ford is getting close to my range" or that "Doral is still looking ok to me despite the latest drop." These are words that I will never hold against anyone - we all have limited views. However, these are the kinds of words that I have come to appreciate from this board - they have truly change my investment life for the better.

Thanks BMW and the rest of you...

PS My wife is out of town this week and left me 8 Kraft (go MO) caramels and instructions to turn the CD recorder on. She has a movie called the "Sisterhood of the Pants" about 4 young ladies that support each other through a memorable "growing" summer. I may be suffering a little bit of emotional spill over - hope I have not made anyone uncomfortable here.

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