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By Matt1344
November 11, 2005

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My thanks to all those who have and are presently serving our country; who's sacrifice allow me to live the life I have enjoyed... free to worship or not as I choose.

Special thanks to my step dad who served as a Marine in WWII. His words "I seen a lot of action. Saipan, Tinian and Okinawa were some of the islands I remember being on. We were the first troops in Nagasaki, right after it was bombed with the Atomic Bomb. There was so much damage and destruction; I can't begin to describe it. Images of people and damage I have never been able to forget."

Dad passed away last month, Sept. 15. May God rest his soul :(

God bless all our military men and women, Ken (USN, VAH-2 Whidbey Island/USS Coral Sea)

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