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By rah1420
November 15, 2005

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Mindful of the "I Love Providian/I Hate Providian thread, I thought this would make a good thread all by itself....

Which of your credit card companies do you love? Which do you hate? Why?

I'll start.

Citibank: Love them. I had a couple lates and got behind with them. I called them and got on their program for deadbeats, and they lowered my rate to 9% after I paid three payments on time. They kept it there for over two years. Now it's at about 12% and actually I pay all my payable utilities (phone, etc.) through Citibank just to "reward" them for when they stood by me. (I replenish it in addition to my regular monthly payment, so the trend is still downwards.)

MBNA: Hate. If the word "hate" were engraved on every MBNA card, it would only equal one ten-billionth of the animus I feel towards this bottom feeding, scum sucking rapacious corporate person. They deducted a web payment from me twice, and it took over six months to get that straightened out; when I called them to get on their deadbeat program because I was tired of a 24% rate they cheerfully did, but did NOT tell me that this would cancel the card (which it did.) They lowered the rate to a GENEROUS 18% interest -- how nice. I was on the deadbeat program for a year. Then when I was off the deadbeat program they "rewarded" me by raising my interest rate back to 24%. These are only two of the insults that I've had from this firm. I pitched a fit, by the way, and they re-lowered me to 18% again, but they send a reminder to me -- every stinkin' month -- that if I have another late payment my rate will increase to the penalty rate.


I hate Sears too because every time I open the bill the percentage rate goes up just a little bit more. They think I don't notice, but I do. Not much I can do. I've tried calling; I ask for a rate reduction, and they say "No," and I mark it on my calendar to call next month. And the balance goes down. I can't wait till Sears and MBNA get it between the eyes.

Don't tell me not to hate. It's a satisfactory motivator for me.

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