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By FoolishThurmond
November 16, 2005

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Hello Berkshire fans,

I was lucky enough to get a trip together for my school (Mississippi State University) to go and meet Warren Buffett. If you read the letter to shareholders in last year's annual report, you might have noticed how he has recently been ramping up the number of student groups he allows to come to Omaha and have Q&A sessions.

We are paired up with East Carolina University and head out tomorrow night for Middle America. (The Q&A is this Friday, November 18th)

Don't worry, I'm going to take notes and post them to this board. I don't expect him to say anything remarkably different from what I've already heard him say (at annual meetings or through his shareholder letters), but he's sure to throw some unexpected wisdom out.

My point in posting this is that I would like to hear a few ideas for QUESTIONS. So if you have a real zinger, just reply to this post.

OH, and I almost forgot, we're stopping by Wally Weitz's home office Thursday (2 days from today)-- Wally is also headquartered in Omaha. If you don't know of Wally, check out Wally has built up quite a record for his funds and invests a lot like Buffett.

His latest report to shareholders is interesting. He's been buying Wal-Mart and News Corp. among others. And I also note that he says prices on some of his holdings are starting to make him very excited (about their future return potential). Wally's top holding is Berkshire and he estimates the fair value for an A share to be over $100,000.

So if you have any interesting info about Wally (because I'm by no means an expert), I would love to hear it.

-Matt Thurmond

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