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By BuildMWell
December 16, 2005

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My friends, the stories today about the favorable ruling in Illinois are truly good news. I am very happy about the sanity shown by most of the Illinois Supreme Court. Of course, one lefty Jurist could not avoid showing his true colors by writing a scathing rebuttal calling the court's decision a travesty. And, of course, that rebuttal fact found it's way into the story.

What bothers me greatly is the failure of every single mainstream writer to find the real story here. The truth is, the whole case was thrown out by the court, which means the case never had any merit. Everything we have read for the past three years about this case was a total waste of our time. But, who in the media will ever admit that fact? They loved the story and they made great use of it to vilify Philip Morris at every opportunity. But, not one writer bothered to tell the story from the perspective of the tobacco business. I find that unconscionable.

By failing to even consider the story from the side of the innocent defendant, they have missed the entire damned story! We know the story here on the Altria Group Board because we took the time to understand Philip Morris' side. That also made us a lot of money. But, that is not what is important. What is important is the absolute proof that this story provides us concerning the bias of the media.

As the Illinois Supreme Court has finally shown, Philip Morris was never guilty of the charges brought by the plaintiff's lawyers. The case should never have been certified by the idiot judge, and there never should have been a case to try. But, due to the misjudgment of the Judge, we have spent hundreds of millions of our money to defend ourselves in the Madison County, Illinois Courthouse. Then, on top of that, we have lost well over a half a billion dollars in just the interest on the money at a 3% rate. Think what Philip Morris might have done for us with that Capital if the case had been tossed should have happened three years ago.

The real story is sitting in a bank account in Madison County right now. $12.1 Billion of our money is sitting there gathering dust. All interest was taken by the Judge as a part of his decision, before he would allow Philip Morris to appeal the case. That, my friends, is the real story. We have caught a judge with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar...and no one in the media has seen it. Here we have a country of over 290 million people and no one seems to see a judge stealing money. That is very sad.

I have been writing about this for three years but you will have to admit that you have never seen this discussed anywhere else. Apparently, this is not news to the lefties who control the media. They seem to think this is just peachy because it hurt a tobacco company. But, in America, a tobacco company is due the same treatment as any other legal entity. Why is tobacco singled out for vilification? That is discrimination if I have ever seen it. I thought the Leftists hated discrimination.

Just last week the media was full of stories about Tookie Williams, the guy who murdered four people in cold blood 24 years ago. He was given appeal after appeal and Hollywood was demanding that his sentence be reduced to life. Here we have a guilty, brutal murderer and the media was able to find every reason to give him every break possible. With Philip Morris, they cannot even see that the judge was biased, stacked the case against the company, twisted the law to force them to demand an appeal and then robbed them of over $500 million. And, he did it in front of the World! He documented every step along the way and no one could see it because the stories were always slanted against our company. There was no way that a reader could spot the real crime because the media chose to ignore it completely. They merely presumed the guilt of the tobacco company. Now, they will just move to the next story...they have no reason to uncover the underlying truth. It does not fit their agenda.

I am still here writing about the crime and this apparently is the only place this will ever be reported. Today, the Illinois Supreme Court failed to make things right just like I said they would. It isn't their job to make changes to the law so the bad law just keeps allowing this foolishness to continue. Extortion is the name of the game with class-action lawsuits and it always has been...nothing changed today. Madison County still holds our $12.1 Billion and they plan to keep the $500 million in interest. That is just wrong and I hope someone beside me can see that fact.

Think what would have happened if Philip Morris could not have come up with the bond. We would have lost everything we had invested in Philip Morris stock because the company would have declared bankruptcy. That was what was at stake here. The same thing is happening with Merck today. The game continues...the Media has moved onto the next story without uncovering the real story.

I am trying to help. But, what can one person do? All I can do is to explain what I am witnessing. That should be the job of the Nation's mainstream media. Heck, they are even paid to do that job. Obviously, they have failed to produce. But, what's new?

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