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By ramsfanray
December 22, 2005

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Last night, I got an emergency phone call from the fire chief. Every year, our town sets up a Santa House and he plays Santa. Well, he had a family emergency last night and couldn't do it, so he was trying to find a replacement so that he wouldn't have to cancel the house being open last night. I called my wife and since she didn't have anything for me to do, I called the chief back and told him I would be happy to fill in.

I am so glad I did. It was such fun to see the eyes light up on these little kids when they came in and saw me. Even the ones that were to scared to come over and talk to me, seemed to be in awe. But the best ones were the kids that had been waiting for this moment all season. So full of questions and wonder.

Some highights included:

A moment of high tension when a couple of very hot looking college girls decided to have their picture taken with me. Hopefully Mrs. Claus won't ever find out. ;)

A little girl didn't just give me a hug, she gave me a super-hug. That's what she called it. Said it was just for special people.

One boy gave me a present. This doesn't happen often, but whenever it does, the present becomes a part of the decorations for the Santa House. This one was a button with a reindeer on it.

A couple of girls brought in their lists, and one of them pointed to one thing on her list and told me not to read it out loud, I need to keep it a secret from her mom she said. When I looked at what she had written it said, "A pad to help my moms bad back"

A 10 year old boy that was pretty sure I wasn't Santa, just some fat guy in a fake beard. He was also pretty sure that there was no such thing as Santa. He was just too cool to talk to Santa. That was kids stuff. Fine for his little brother, but not for him. But,...(you could see his mind working) what if he was wrong? What if Santa was real and I was him? Better to be safe than sorry, can't hurt to believe just one more year. "Ok Santa," he says, and sits down on my knee and wants to make sure that I know he pulled his grades up in every subject.

A little girl with beautiful eyes that wanted to know if all the reindeer were healthy and if they were eating right.

And my favorite moment of all, Marrisa, 8 years old. Her Christmas wish was that her friend from school, Mykala, would get a good present, because apparently Mykalas family doesn't have much and she doesn't have any toys. What I asked Marrissa what she wanted me to bring her, she said, "Whatever you want, but please don't forget about Mykala."

Just about brought tears to my eyes. Such a sweet and simple request. All she wanted was a little something for her friend. Ah, the world would be so much better if we all thought just a little more about someone besides ourselves first and did just a little something nice for them. I wish I really was Santa, because I would love to make sure Mykala got a nice gift and Marrissa wish came through. I just hope Marrissa's mother was listening and will be Santa's helper.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas everyone.

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