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By nomadshirt
December 23, 2005

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I would like to take this opportunity and wish all of you who are presently serving, have served, or are dependents of those who serve a very Merry Christmas.

For those who are in harms way, where ever that may be, our prayers go out to you and your family that you will be safely reunited in the not to distant future.

For those who are stationed overseas and are not able to be home for the holidays, our prayers go out to you as well for your safe return. In my 25 years of military service, I have spent many Christmas' overseas and I've always held a special place for the Christmas song, "I'll Be Home for Christmas."

For those who are fortunate enough to enjoy the company of your family, count it as a blessing and enjoy the time together.

To all Military Fools: Merry Christmas!

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