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Earnings = Stupid Analysts

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By 3BeeJay3
February 1, 2006

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Today's earnings release is just another example of the absolute stupidity and cowardliness of the analyst crowd.

I've seen it happen many times in the past and will no doubt see it more in the future. - 'Company misses analyst targets'.

First of all what gives analysts reason to think that they can set revenue and earnings targets for any given company, or that they should, other than to help sell stock. I love it when they complain that Google won't give them guidance so they're having a hard time putting a valuation on the company. Too bad, don't like it? Then get into another line of work.

I for one found the results to be quite reasonable- revenue up 86% and earnings up 82.3%. Results like those should drive any company into Chapter 11 pronto -


The stock will drop tomorrow, then after a couple more quarters of reasonable growth, it will be back higher than it was today.


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