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By jhlake420
April 10, 2006

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This is the "MS licensing to all comers" coming full circle. I bet it makes Steve chuckle to, after all these years, be using the very fact that MS has gone out of their way to make Windows run on anything with a microprocessor against them. It is the ultimate "opening of the box" that Apple has been bashed all these years for not doing. Wonder if someone from Apple has returned Dell's phone calls yet. I don't think so, but I'll get to that. If they are going to go the licensing route Apple has to let MS hang themselves from the Vista rope a little while longer before any major moves are made on the licensing front.

Why did Apple choose this moment to show their cards, obviously ahead schedule? I think it is this: There are still a lot of people that are perfectly happy with Win98, and an even larger number that are still running Win2000. How many people is MS going to be able to convince to upgrade to Vista from XP? As has been pointed out by numerous people, it will really only happen when you buy a new box. RIGHT!!! So, this is Apple's ONE CHANCE to make a large number of those boxes be Macs. Boot Camp greatly reduces the pain of switching in the short term, and they are the only new game in town for the coming Christmas season. If Apple can get Macs into the hands of a large number of new customers then they have effectively captured them for, say, the next decade. The odds that their next computer will be a Mac are very high once they have used one and purchased software for one. Once they are on the upgrade cycle with Apple they will most likely stay there until Apple screws up like MS has.

I think another trend this could be a sign of is much bigger. I think we may be seeing a major change in the computer market. For years it has been "the OS, stupid". I wonder if we are getting back to the days of "It's the hardware, stupid." What does it really mean to say that the PC is just a "commodity"? Gold is just a commodity, but that doesn't keep people from making insane amounts of money selling it. Dell controls the business PC market, and it would take some extraordinary changes to unseat them. But, if you can buy one box that will run any OS and is going to be powerful enough to only need to be replaced due to failure, why not spend a little more on that box? Gee, if only we knew of a company that made nice looking, powerful, reliable computers....

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