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By HOGridin
May 26, 2006

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It's another holiday weekend upon us again. Kick off to the summer. Retailers are offering huge savings for Memorial Day. There real agenda: Go out and celebrate by buying some imported goods. What a tribute indeed.

I have one for you, a thought.
I have a couple, three thoughts.

1) Hoist your flag proudly outside your house � Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

2) Then, how about you also honor those who gave their lives for your freedom to indulge, imbibe and import by attending a ceremony at a local cemetery!

Contact your local American Legion, VFW or Disabled American Vets chapter to find out their schedule. They nearly all send honor guards, often with men barely healthy enough to stand straight, but who will stand tall on this day to honor their fallen brethren.

3) Take some family members, the younger the better, so that you can explain what is going on and the importance it is to you. You can share with them that the cost of freedom is buried in the ground. Freedom often taken for granted will feel more valuable when you define it and think about it in this way.

One hour of your time before you cook out, drink some beverages and spend time with your loved ones. Is that so much to ask?

I bet your day feels a little more special than the run of the mill 3-day holiday. If not, I offer a money back guarantee on your cost for these three acts.


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