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By mhtruck
May 31, 2006

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How could anybody possibly do this to an animal???

I have no idea or understanding of how anyone could do such things to animals.

I have no doubt that in many situations I could never remain calm and professional enough to be an animal control officer. Or shelter worker. They would be very frustrating, emotionally difficult jobs for me. I deeply admire and appreciate these often underpaid, understaffed, overworked individuals who all to frequently see the worst of man.

I "rescued" Zack about two years ago from a small, old, local shelter. He was going to be put down for aggression issues. The shelter was run by the city, a city that had closed down all of its libraries due to a lack of funding. Supporting the shelter was done on a very minimal level for public safety purposes, not animal care.

Anyhow, because of Zack's history, I sent the shelter staff e-mail updates with photos every couple of months as I thought they would like to know how he was doing. They printed out the stories and photos and posted them on a bulletin board. Somewhere along the way, someone decided to put all of the stories and photos in a binder for the shelter staff. Now, when the days are long and the thanks are not, the shelter staff can pull out the binder, read their favorite story and remember why they do what they do.

Some people will send the shelter a thank you note or update on a pet that was adopted, but most don't actually keep in contact. The staff never really knows how an animals life turned out. And those notes, even if it's only one, make a BIG difference in getting through some days.

For Zack's 1 Year Adoption Day Party, we decided to forgo doing something with his dog friends. Instead we surprised his shelter staff with a 101 Dalmatians motif sheet cake and impromptu "Thank You For Your Love" party. Animal control officers, shelter staff, people looking to adopt pets, everyone in the building was called in the reception area, and no one had a dry eye.

The cake, juice, cups, plates, etc cost me about $30. I could have donated that money to the shelter and I thought about doing that.

But then I thought a Thank You to the people who see the evils man can do, and still somehow find a way to hope, to go way beyond their job descriptions to get adoptable animals out of their shelter and into the hands of good people was worth far more.

Turns out I was right. "Thank You" goes along way.

If you have ever adopted a pet from a shelter, why not take a few minutes to send them a thank you and a few photos every now and then? It may have a much bigger impact on the lives of animals in need than you think.


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