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Thanks, Nice BofA Lady!

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By stevenjklein
July 31, 2006

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So today I'm sitting down to pay my bills. I review my July Bank of America Visa and see a finance charge. Hmmm.

How much was my June bill? $xxxx.yy, due on the 14th of July.
I look my July bill and see they received my payment for $xxxx.yy on the 14th.

I am confused. So I call and speak to a human. She kindly explains that because I carried a balance from my May bill, they continued to charge interest on that balance until payment for my June will was received. That's the finance charge I'm seeing on my July bill.

This didn't used to be the case, but they changed the terms a few months back. This makes sense to me and I thank her kindly for explaining it.

I'm just about to say, "Bye" and hang up when she says, "Mr. Klein, before you go, is there something else you'd like? Anything you might want to ask for that would make you a happier customer?" And her tone implies that she's dropping a hint.

Taking the hint, I say, "Oh, now that you mention it, perhaps you can wave that finance charge?"

She answers, "Yes, Mr. Klein, I'd be happy to do that. You'll see a credit on your next bill!"

She then goes on to explain her hint: Many customers are rude, nasty & angry. I was nice and polite, and she wanted to show her appreciation. But she couldn't explicitly offer me the refund.

So, being nice paid off. I know folks here always say, "It doesn't hurt to ask."

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