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By peter1942
December 11, 2006

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Here we go again. They diluted the stock before the last Ramp 11 results which caused me, at the time, to ask myself if they were confident in the results why not wait and then seek financing at a higher share price with far less dilution? Since then we have had failed Ramp 11 results and, of course, more delay. Consequently, the price has continued to drop.

Now we have a even larger dilution before trial results are to be published in the not to distance future and again I'm asking myself why, if they are confident in results, don't they wait and receive MUCH better terms for the company and the shareholders? Is the same pattern forming as the last time? Are we in for another failure and delay?

Acusphere is a one pony show and yet they have built a plant, hired a national sales manager so far in front of a MAYBE product launch that it boggles my mind and on top of that are or will be hiring a sales force for one product? Is there anyone at the company that cares about expenses?

IMO, it must feel very good for management at ACUS to have this new round of financing. Very nice job security for them. And yet, if they are not just looking for job security through financing, would someone on this board explain to me if they have confidence in their product why do insiders only own 1.5 percent?

Management spouts off how large the potential market is and all that good jazz, while they continue getting financing and delaying, and yet when it comes right down to it they personally have so little confidence in the success of their product they won't even buy shares in their own company? Come on already! Sheesh! If they can't put their money up front then why should I?

Good luck to everyone! I'm out. Hope to someday come back on the board and congratulate everyone for hanging on.

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