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So Where do we Stand... Really?

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By ChrisInLex
December 22, 2006

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I'm putting this out there because I am hoping to prompt some real discussion in light of the latest news. I'm seeing a lot of speculation or random comments... particularly on the yahoo board where people are either documenting pointless meltdowns or using this opportunity to talk about how intelligent they were for NOT buying into NFLD.

That doesn't work for me. It's one reason I remain Foolish and stay around here. The discussion is more enlightened and real.

That said, I'm wondering where we REALLY stand right now. I invested in Polyheme because the product sounded viable and it sounded as if it filled a niche. The risk (IMHO) was ALWAYS related to FDA approval so as an investor I have to mark the current situation up to experience. I'm not thrilled with my paper-loss today. However, I knew the risks and I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

So... now I'm wondering where I stand. And I'm wondering what action to take, if any.

In my limited understanding, this could indicate that they data was horrific and somehow we're being led to believe that "everything MAY turn out to be okay". OR, this really is a minor setback and we just need to wait it out... and maybe pick up a few more shares while they're on "sale".

Since I have no in-depth knowledge of the FDA approval process I fear that I can't answer that question well enough to make a decision. If we're just being led along with noncommittal information then I'm obviously ready to move on. If we still have a chance of seeing revised (and better) data then I'm okay to hang on. This was a long for me anyway.

My concerns lie in my own ignorance of the FDA. I'm certain there are politics that come into play. And for me, that's the wild card. If the system were objective and if I believed that individual and corporate interests didn't have some control then my confidence level would be higher... but right now I don't overly trust the institution.

I also am concerned about the purported 250K shares that were sold at noon yesterday (earlier post). Something seems very wrong and fishy with that. Very fishy. I'd like to know if some theoretical someone has a connection at the FDA or Northfield.

As it is though, I'm sitting tight for the moment and waiting to hear some FOOLISH investors check in with opinions and insight. I value this board for intelligence and careful attention to details that I may not be able to catch on my own. So let's hear what you all have to say...

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