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By HOGridin
March 22, 2007

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Sold a new Road King to a guy, maybe 58, replaced his 1995 black over silver Road King with 89,000 miles. He sold that to his brother for nearly half the payment of the new one, or so he says. Still, says a lot about resale of a previously Harley - 12yrs young.

Two Honda VTX 1800 owners came in recently - hoping for a trade on Road Kings or FLHX Street Glides. One bought his VTXSpec3, Type F special edition only in Sept 2006. He said he paid under MSRP of $15,995. Doing math from his payoff, he probably paid $13,995 because he is $5,000 upside down on the loan. Our wholesaler for Hondas said he could give $8,500 since it had V/Hines pipes, a race tuner, windshield and saddle bags added. Problem is, Honda has dumped VTX's on the US market. Fay Myer, Sun Honda/H-D, Interstate in Denver are advertising brand new in crate 2004 models for $7,995, 2005 for $8,995 still with warranty.

Now there, Bucky, is something not nice to do to your customers!!!
No wonder Harley petitioned the Congress in 1982-83 for some protection from dumping while they embarked on the leveraged buy-out.

Same thing happened last year at Boulder H-D when I sold a FLHT Std to a guy who owned another VTX only 6 months. He got $9,000 on trade for a bike he paid over $16K for, but he hated the ride, knew he made a mistake, wanted the Harley. He was a retired dentist looking forward to taking some road trips, making some memories the Wind.

These guys want to put on miles, go places, see things, attend events; not add to a collection in the garage. They figured to save some bank buying a Harley knock-off only to find out there is inherent value of the brand that the Motor Company has in its products, value felt by the seat of your pants when riding, and passed through the handle bars as you hold on.

Shut up and ride!


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