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By goffperu
June 1, 2007

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A couple of days ago, I sold 1/7 of my shares at $115. It seems to me that rampant success has already been priced into AAPL, and any disappointment would bring it down for a correction. Selling before WWDC seemed smart, since people were predicting a new MacBook Pro, early release of iPhone, fantastic new features of Leopard, a new "consumer" product, etc. No way Jobs would match the hype this time. In fact, he didn't. Must have been the most disappointing keynote ever. YouTube on Apple TV? Big whoop. Stock kept going up.

I comfort myself by looking at my remaining shares. They have grown 1100% since I bought them, and look ripe for the picking (sorry for the pun), but Apple's story just KEEPS GETTING BETTER. How can I sell out when iPhone is about to hit like a 100km meteor, Mac share is accelerating, Apple TV has the makings of a living room paradigm shift, and even the business side is looking sweet? We just got into the S&P 100. How long before it is in the DJIA? (maybe replacing MSFT?!)

When I log on to TMF, I can go weeks without looking at my BWLD or RC2 boards. Not so AAPL. Unlike the chugging workhorses I populated the rest of my portfolio with, AAPL is like a Ferrari. NOT A BMW. It is fine-tuned and testy. I awes us with power and beauty, but scares us to death taking corners at 80 mph (PPC transition, OS X transition, Intel transition).

Sometimes I yearn for a boring portfolio of ETFs and mutual funds. I could check in on them once a quarter or so, make some adjustments, then settle back into the couch. Then I hear Apple's engine rev under the lid of my MacBook, my heart jumps a bit, and I am back on this board....

AAPL drives me crazy

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