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By Har1en
June 12, 2007

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Just caught this on my news ticker, and while I rarely actually watch investment clips, I thought this might be an interesting one to inspect. I was looking for a perspective of Wall Street types.

What I heard was a load of unprofessional, amateurish posturing: the Bull got confused between the Superman and Spider-Man movie properties. The Bear continually mispronounced Marvel (maybe he was thinking of Marvell?).

The Bull mischaracterized the Fantastic Four as part of the self-produced movie group, lumping it in with Hulk and Iron Man. The Bear said that the self-produced movies were too risky and that he was waiting to hear about another Spider-Man or X-men movie before he would recommend it (apparently not realizing the limited upside to those license agreements). He also called Marvel a small, untested movie company, with limited production experience. That left me speechless.

They also had some chuckles at Ant-Man's and Thor's expense. I'm glad they had a good laugh today, because in a few years, I'll be the one who has the bigger laugh. These are the kinds of people who looked at the Harry Potter series and called it a bunch of children's books. They probably look at Thor and see a fellow in a skirt instead of a Norse god capable of blowing apart an aircraft carrier with a lightning strike. They are completely out of touch with what children and moviegoers want, and apparently haven't got a clue as to what Marvel is all about.

I was simply amazed at their lack of understanding. Their discussion about Jones Soda left me dismayed as well -- I'm a Hansen's investor, and I know about Jones as a competitor. Jones is okay (though I'd rather own Hansen's), but their entire discussion revolved around idiotic notions of whether its growth rate would continue at 95%. Their entire discussion about it's product offerings and marketing was a quip about their turkey dinner flavored soda. Unbelievably shallow.

In short, if this is what people on the street think when they look at Marvel, I feel very confident in my investment.

Next year, this company is going to amaze us.


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