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By rhstaffo
July 27, 2007

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Well it has been a few strange weeks and people are still up in arms about our CEO friend. As a shareholder of WFMI I wasn't happy to see the post, but I did my part as owner of the company and read each and every one... boring... funny... nothing new. If it was the guy bagging the fruit it wouldn't be a problem. We are lucky. Some companies CEO's are raiding pensions, making up fake companies, doing inventive things with the accounting numbers, (add your favorite CEO evils here), and on and on. John made a minor mistake. If we as share holders fire him we will lose his leadership, his activism, and worse we will have to pay for the next CEO. John works for $1.00, and the options he gives to charity or doesn't take, try finding a new CEO to take that package.

We lucked out; he could have gutted the company and gone drinking in the south of France. Even better we now have an opportunity to buy more WFMI at a discount. We still have our money and you can't ask more then that. Fire the guy and the shareholders pay, keep him working for us and he is punished by making us more money and continuing to change the eating habits of the world.

Peace out, Fools


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